Addiction Medicine dr. Daniel Headrick

What is Addiction Medicine?



Addiction Medicine is a specialty in which we focus on the treatment of alcoholics and drug addicts (both prescription and street drugs).  Addiction medicine often leads into other specialties, such as Mental Health, to achieve the patient’s goal of sobriety.


Specializing in this field means we are able to provide quality care for patients with pain management issues, depression, anxiety, insomnia and other issues with the use of narcotic medication while always keeping their addiction in mind.  Headrick Medical Center has referrals to many types of other specialty treatments, if necessary, that will help the addict or alcoholic stay sober.


Addiction Medicine can be helpful to an alcoholic or addict whether they are in the early stages of recovery or have been sober for quite some time.


We offer a range of different services such as Out-patient Detox, Anti-Cravings drugs, medication management for aftercare, urine drug screening and physical wellness.

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