UA Testing With Every New Appointment

at Headrick Medical Center


We have a CLIA waiver which allows us to test on site with a 12 panel drug test that shows if you are currently taking: THC, Cocaine, Morphine (heroin), Ampthetamine, Methamphetamine, Barbituates, Benzos, MDMA, Methadone, Oxycontin, Bupinorephine, and Anti depressants. We then send it to an accredited lab that will do a more thorough check and get quanitative results in 48 hours. When the test is sent out to the lab we check for a complete panel of over 200 substances and anything positive gets sent for a confirmation and a level amount will return so that we can be sure that levels are dropping.


We also offer complete urinalysis testing to check for any sort of infections in the urine. It is common for individuals taking opiates to have urinary tract infections and other infections that may require antibiotics. We also use the urine to do a pregnancy test on all females in the given age range.

All of our test results are available for the patient to review themselves and to be used and kept in their records.

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