What is Outpatient Detox at Headrick Medical Center?


Many people have been burdened with the physical dependency of addiction from being on pain killers after a surgery or from being put on benzodiazepines for anxiety. These people may not need a full detox and or residential program if they are taking the medication as prescribed. But there is a large chance they can still become “physically dependent.” We offer a private outpatient detox where a board certified addictionologist will review your history and offer the correct cocktail of medications to see you through a detox process from your own home.


As a client you will be expected to follow the rules of the outpatient program which include: Urinalysis testing, signed contract to not abuse medications, weekly sometimes bi-weekly visits, and a strong home support system and plan.

We do use Suboxone for opiate detox and very rarely if necessary maintenance program at our office.

Insurance is an option for this treatment but we also accept cash pay clients as well.


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