Dr. Dan Headrick, MD Tres Vistas Recovery Headrick Medical Center

Dr. Daniel J. Headrick, MD

Medical Director, Founder Headrick Medical Center


Prior to opening Headrick Medical Center, Dr. Daniel Headrick served for eight years as the Medical Director at Mission Hospital in Laguna Beach, California. Before that, he was the Medical Director of Hoag Hospital Chemical Dependency Center in Newport Beach, California for 11 years. Dr. Dan dedicates much of his time to the care and treatment of his individual clients, overseeing their stabilization to make sure they have a sound transition to treatment and recovery. He cares for each of his clients individually as they transition into recovery and into follow up aftercare.


Dr. Headrick received his medical degree from the University of California, Los Angeles Medical School. He is distinguished by his postgraduate certification from the American Society of Addiction Medicine in 1988, and is also an associate professor at the University of California, Irvine Medical School.


Daniel Headrick continues his training and research in the field of chemical dependency to keep abreast of current techniques and applies them in his work.


Dr. Dan Headrick is the Medical Director and Owner of  Tres Vistas Recovery.

Amanda Ferguson, LVN II

Amanda Ferguson, LVN II

Program Director

Amanda has been in the field of nursing since 2011, starting as a CNA and working her way up to a licensed nurse, certified in the field of Drug and Alcohol Addiction. Over the past 4 years,

Amanda has opened and developed clinics that specialize in NAD IV Therapy in South Orange County, CA. Having personally trained with the founders of this treatment, Dr. Mestayer and his wife in Springfield, Louisiana, this makes Amanda uniquely qualified for this position.

Her passion for this line of work involves uncovering and learning up to date and cutting edge treatment modalities for holistic brain recovery, addiction treatment, mental health treatment and anti-aging. Amanda is IV and blood draw certified and is trained in the Bridge System.

Desirae Sheldon, LVN II

Desirae Sheldon, LVN II

Medical Services Manager

Desirae is a Nursing graduate of Stanbridge College and has been working since 2012 as an LVN in the field of behavioral health and addiction. She has been personal nurse and manager for multiple facilities ranging from Detox to IOP levels of care. She is IV and Blood draw certified and has been trained in IV NAD therapy and continues to gain experience and knowledge of these protocols. She maintains up-to-date on current medical procedures by continuing her education every year in the field of behavioral health.

Jason Wahler

Jason Wahler

Public Relations Laison

Jason Wahler is a Host, Actor and TV personality who appeared on Laguna Beach, The Hills, Celebrity Rap Superstar, Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, after battling through a public struggle with addiction. Sober since July 2010, Jason has dedicated his life to raising awareness towards addiction and hopes to one day change the public’s negative perception of this deadly disease. Through his hard work and dedication, the E! Network did an E! True Hollywood Story highlighting Jason’s remarkable new life.

Currently, Founder and Owner of Widespread Recovery, in beautiful Laguna Beach, Ca.

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He also serves as the Public Relations Liaison at Headrick Medical Center. This is where Jason learned about NAD (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) IV Therapy, a different method to assist in sustaining long term recovery. Jason says, “It’s not hard to get sober, it’s hard to stay sober.” After seeing the rapid results NAD had on brain healing, it only made sense to promote this treatment as well as continue to explore the latest and greatest studies. Using his personal experience and presence in the public eye, Jasons goal is to inspire people who are struggling with addiction and alcoholism. Jason, also, serves on the honorary boards of The Prism Awards, Entertainment Industry Council, The Los Angeles Mission, and The Brent Shapiro Foundation as well as contributing to the highly respected Huffington Post. “Looking back over the course of the past 5 years I never thought I would be where I am at today. If you told me I would find my passion and motivation working in the recovery industry, I would have thought you were crazy. Today, I can’t imagine doing anything else.”