What is the active ingredient for NAD Therapy? NAD stands for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide.  It is Co-Enzyme 1, which turns into Niacin Vitamin B-3 once it enters the body.  The reason we use NAD instead of a simple IV of B-3 is because with B-3 an individual would become extremely flushed and very sick.  It would be impossible to put as much B-3 in a person, that would be necessary to achieve the positive benefits, without becoming extremely ill.


NAD therapy is used for alcohol and drug detox in a consecutive 10 to 14 day period of IV therapy.  The benefit is that, during this treatment, there is no need for any narcotic medications such as Valium or Suboxone for detox.  Patients report a 60-70% decrease in withdrawal symptoms with the NAD IV treatment!  This co-enzyme saturates the brain and body with the nutrients it needs to recover faster.  People report feeling like they would feel at 90 days sobriety at the end of this treatment.


Benefits of NAD Therapy include:

Increase in energy

Expedited brain healing and recovery

Mood stabilizer

Significant reduction in cravings

Mental clarity

Increased endurance

Listen to the Podcast of Dr. Dan and Jason Wahler discussing the benefits of NAD Therapy.


NAD Therapy is also used for Post Acute Withdrawal Symptom (PAWS) in people looking for a shorter treatment but still want all the NAD benefits.  We offer a 5-7 day treatment for people in their 2nd – 3rd week after initial detox.

We also use this for treatment of Stress, Anxiety and Fatigue with a 5-day treatment program.


REMEMBER!  This is not an alternative for therapy and 12 step programs!  This is just another fantastic all natural tool that helps people feel better faster and stay sober longer.


We know…it sounds too good to be true!  What is the catch?  What are the possible side effects?


Well, the active ingredient for NAD therapy is an all-natural supplement and there are no dangerous side effects with this treatment.    Occasionally, minor stomach cramping or a flushed feeling occurs when the drip is going too fast.  After a minor adjustment of the drip rate these feelings will go away.


Treatment can take a long time.  The first couple of days it can take between 6-8 hours, and then gradually getting shorter every couple of days thereafter until completion.


Please note:  This is not an insurance covered procedure and is a cash price only.


IVs range between $1,000 – $1,500 per day depending on what you are getting the treatment for and if you are a current client staying at one of our locations during treatment.


Please call for more information for NAD Therapy in Orange County

at 949-388-7155 or 844-900-0444


Read more about NAD Therapy from the Scientific American Journal. Click Here!

Scientific American NAD Therapy Journal Article


Since 40%-60% of all (conventional) (inpatient, outpatient, hospital) rehab patients relapse according to the NIH’s National Institute on Drug Abuse, it is important to provide all possible solutions to have the patient be ready to receive treatment.
NAD helps the body to repair the brain. This is particularly important considering that long-term drug use results in changes in the brain that persist long after a person stops using drugs. These drug-induced changes in brain function include an inability to exert control over the impulse to use drugs.
Substance disorders can be treated most cost-effectively in outpatient drug-free settings. Headrick Medical Center coordinates with IOP’s and out-of-town clients to receive NAD Treatment.

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