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At Headrick Medical Center We Conduct

a Full Medical History and Physical Examination


This process allows the physician to obtain an entire history from the patient including family, past and present problems.  Also included is a physical examination and review of each system in the body and vital signs.  The MD will review ears, nose, throat, stomach, heart, lungs, skin, head, neurological and GI.  Based off the history and physical examination, we will be able to determine if you will need additional tests that we offer here at HMC such as bloodwork, EKG or urinalysis.  We can also refer out for other necessary procedures such as x-rays and other types of scans.

Another benefit to history and physical exams is the ability to review family history and know what types of tests an individual should be taking to take advantage of preventative medicine and avoid major genetic illnesses.

History and physical exams are also required before entering a non-medical detox or before other procedures such as elective or non-elective surgeries.

After the history and physical examination, the MD will be able to decide what medications you will need moving forward for your care.

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