What is Follow Up Medication Management?


Headrick Medical Center focuses on Medication Management for substance abuse and Mental Health. It is imperative for people who have maintained sobriety off certain medications to follow up with an MD after their care in detox, residential or an outpatient facility. We will be able refill your prescriptions and assess if you still need to be taking some of the medications that you were previously prescribed.
Often, as your brain heals, you need less and less of the support medications taken during the initial treatment period. Sometimes they stop working and/or medications are required to be rearranged or eliminated. Other times individuals who have medication needs stop taking their medication after treatment, becoming unstable and at high risk for relapse due to no quality follow-up in their after care plan.
What should you do after you discharge from a 30-60-90 day treatment facility?
We would like to be part of your after care plan and a member of your support team!!
We recommend you be seen once a month for your first year of sobriety to look at medication requirements. Utilizing an Addiction Specialist in your first year of sobriety, even for minor illnesses, ensures that you are using an MD that knows your specific issues and can work with you.
Quality medical care is imperative in the early stages of recovery, maximizing the potential for long-term sobriety!

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