Anti-craving medication headrick medical center

Headrick Medical Center offers Anti-Craving and Preventative Medicines for Addiction and Alcoholism


Listed below are the options we currently offer:


Naltrexone:  This is a drug that reverses the effects of opioids and alcohol, used primarily in the management of opiate and alcohol dependence.  This is an oral tablet that is taken once a day to keep you safe from relapse and also assists with cravings.


Vivitrol:  Vivitrol is the injectable version of Naltrexone.  It is an intra-muscular injection that goes in the hip, once a month.  It is stronger that Naltrexone since it is administered directly into the blood stream, giving a longer amount of accountability time. It is important to remember that Vivitrol DOES NOT PREVENT OVERDOSE!  Vivitrol blocks the effects of opiates and alcohol on the brain, but does not prevent the damage they do to the systems in the body.


Naltrexone Implant:  We have referrals to a physician that administers the Naltrexone Implant.  This is the same medication as the oral dose but is placed under the skin and is time released lasting 6 months, eliminating the need for a daily dose.


Camprall:  Camprall is an oral tablet, taken 3 times a day, to help a person that is addicted to alcohol balance chemicals in their brain – which can help with cravings after they have stopped drinking.  This medication does not stop the effects of alcohol if you drink while taking it.


Antabuse:  This is an oral medication used for alcoholics that produces an acute sensitivity if combined with ethanol (alcohol).  This means that if a person were to drink after taking this medication, they would become very ill immediately after consuming alcohol.

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