Admissions Process for Detox Treatment


What To Expect:
First Things First

Upon entering Tres Vistas Recovery you should know it easiest to do ‘first things first.’ Detox and Stabilization can take from 3 to 21 days, but the average is about 7 days. We will assess you upon entry so we are able to establish criteria that work best for your detox and stabilization process, You will then meet with our Detox Coordinator. It is important to remember detox can be uncomfortable, so we work hard to keep you extremely comfortable right from the start.

What To Expect: Physical

We’ve placed this first on our list because physical changes tend to happen when you stop using drugs and alcohol, especially after a long period of using. These are called withdrawal symptoms and they can be frightening if you are alone, but you won’t be alone at Bridges to life Detox. During consistent use of drugs and alcohol, your body tends to weaken and wane. Signs of this sort of body deterioration are fatigue and the yellowing of skin and eyes because there are just too many toxins in your body. So, Bridges to life Detox offers an alcohol and drug detox that offers you the time to recover from this sort of toxin overload. In many cases, some physical symptoms will disappear, and others will diminish significantly.

The First Step

When someone decides to address a problem with alcohol and/or other drugs, detoxification is the first crucial step toward recovery.

Through our services, we seek to:

Safely detoxify and stabilize each client
connect each client to the next level of treatment (e.g., residential rehab, sober living, or outpatient services).
We work with our clients’ physicians to implement any prescribed medical detox protocol.


During the detox process, withdrawal symptoms will appear. These symptoms can include: anxiety, jumpiness, shaking, trembling, sweating, nausea, insomnia, depression, fatigue, loss of appetite, and even seizures.

WARNING: alcohol withdrawal and benzodiazepine (tranquilizer) withdrawal can be deadly. Anyone who has been abusing alcohol or tranquilizers should seek medical help before attempting any such detox.

What To Bring

picture identification
insurance identification
appropriate/comfortable clothing for a 5-7 day stay
personal hygiene products (may not contain any alcohol)
small electrical appliances (e.g., a razor or blow dryer)
appropriate outerwear (coats or jackets depending upon the season)
prescription meds (including the original bottle – with label – doctor’s name, name of medication, and dosage)
reading material
socks and footwear
enough cigarettes to last the stay
exercise clothes

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