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We combine medical innovation with holistic therapies to give you a whole person approach to your care. We are a general practitioners office with much more. If you are older and looking to make a lifestyle change or young and want to create a new level of optimal performance, we are here to help. Between supplementation assessment, blood work, IV vitamin therapy, and medication management, we can get you on the path to being the healthiest version of yourself.




    All natural IV therapy used for Addiction, Fatigue, Anti aging and energy 


  • Vitamin IV Therapy

    Combination of different vitamins give intravenously (IV) for immune system, energy and overall health.


  • Primary Care

    One on one assessment with general practitioner. Evaluate your health with blood work, EKG, supplementation consult and medication management.


  • Addiction Medicine

    Get assessed for anti craving medication and injection, out patient detox services or referrals for in patient treatment. On going urinalysis testing for accountability and stability.

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